"At 95 1/2 years old and for the last five years, a Groothie every morning has convinced me, beyond any doubt, that single factor is the main reason I have enjoyed my extraordinary longevity. My weight has replicated that of college football days and my vitals are near perfect. But most of all, it has caused me to look forward and anticipate breakfast as my favorite meal of the day."

– Robert M.

All symptoms of my arthritis disappeared and I was able to walk briskly and even run if I wanted to.”

– Mindy M.

My carb cravings are gone. The fruits, and especially the leafy greens in my smoothie satisfied my body’s nutrient needs, eliminating my carb craving. Also, my tastes changed. Instead of craving animal fat and pasta, now it’s freshness that turns me on. It’s hard to describe the sensation of freshness. You know it when you experience it.”

– Phillip M.

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Phillip's Story


She said, ‘Try one in the morning and don’t do anything else differently...just the green smoothie.’ Well, I have been doing exactly that for a month now and I am more alert, energetic, and ten pounds lighter. I'm hooked!” 

– Tom B.

Green smoothies complemented by a raw food life style has turned my world upside down...[I] understand what it truly feels like to be a 100% healthy and happy human being.”

– Renee

They talked me into a ‘Groothie at Saxbys & OMG it is amazing!”

– Heather

Weekends + Sun = Groothies!

– Philly Food Girls