“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food” – Hippocrates

One of the missions of Get Real Get Raw’s website is to help introduce people to a world of education about the power of food and the human body that was never taught to us in school, and isn’t circulating in main stream America.

I was 50 years old before I discovered what REAL nutrition is about. I am committed to sharing what I have learned, and encouraging everyone to begin their journey of learning and experimenting.

Even though I’ve read hundreds of books, I believe it’s important for each person to listen to their own body and discover their own path to good health. I don’t preach any particular diet or work out routine. The books and films that I believe are important and informative are not all about vegan or raw diets. But they do contain good information that I hope will help people understand how the body works and the role food plays in our health. This information can lead to making good, informed decisions about health and healing.

You are the only one who knows what is best for your body, and it is my hope that you will learn to listen to your body and let it guide you.

One thing that I do believe is that powerful nutrition lies in the consumption of raw, unprocessed, organic plant-based foods, and that whatever amounts of raw produce you add to your diet is a GIANT step forward. We are all at different stages in our journey, and we all have different needs and resources. If you have Stage 3 cancer, I would suggest you look at a mostly raw vegan diet, but for most people, that may not be the easiest choice.

I’d like to suggest that you add two important words to your internet searches – RAW FOOD. You can search: RAW FOOD + Cancer, RAW FOOD + Athletes, RAW FOOD + Diabetes, etc.  It simply will open a door to an incredible world of important information that you may have never been aware of before. All raw foods are healing foods – from an apple a day, to a green smoothie a day, to maybe a fully raw diet for serious health issues.

Begin your journey to learning more.