Rambutan! Jackfruit! Sapodilla! Yum!

(The picture above is of the largest tree-borne fruit in the world- to find out what it is read on…)

Have you ever tried any of the these amazing fruits? I have! For the New Year’s Holiday I am in Burlington, Ontario visiting my husband’s family. My husband and his family are Filipino and this has opened my eyes to a huge variety of new fruits and vegetables that never appear in our local supermarkets. In mainstream American lingo a tropical fruit is a banana or pineapple, but these fruits are only the beginning. Did you know about these:

Custard Apple (Cherimoya/Atis)

This fruit looks something like a mutant artichoke but there the resemblance ends. They are ripe when soft to the touch (like an avocado) and have soft, sweet, white flesh. Tear the fruit in half and enjoy! (Don’t eat the skin or seeds).

Rose Apple

A relative of the guava, this fruit is eaten raw like an apple. It has a slightly sweet flavor and crisp texture with very thin skin. Although it resembles a pear, it is best to eat before it gets soft.

Sapodilla (Chico)

This super-sweet fruit resembles brown sugar inside! They are ripe when soft and best eaten by cutting in half and eating with a spoon (but don’t eat the seed). :)

Guanabana (Soursop)

A large, spiny fruit with deliciously sweet flesh. Don’t eat the seeds, but enjoy the almost creamy flesh that tastes like a combo between a strawberry and a banana. Eat it plain or throw it in a blender with your favorite non-dairy milk and some ice cubes for a fabulous milkshake!


Wow! As the largest fruit in the world, this huge fruit can weigh up o 80lbs! Cut it open when ripe to find yellow flesh organized in pods around the seeds. The taste is like a pineapple/banana cross.


This fruit resembles an overgrown, brown pea pod (it’s brown not green though). Peel off the skin and eat the flesh but not the seeds. It is quite sour when under-ripe, but gets sweeter as it ripens.


This crazy fruit looks kind of like a strawberry with a really crazy hair-do! the skin peels off easily and the fruit inside is white and sweet! They are best eaten with your hands and most people choose to not eat the seed (like rejecting the pit in a peach).

Consider visiting an unusual grocery to find some of these amazing fruits! Asian and Latin American stores may have a selection of these fruits since they are native to those areas. Believe me the trip to a new store will be completely worth it when you taste these fabulous fruits. Watch our Facebook page over the next several days for more information and pictures of these guys!