I want to update you about the journey of Get Real Get Raw.

The Groothie, which is our trademarked green smoothie, continues to change lives. It has become the perfect introduction to the power of raw foods. It is Amazingly Nutritious and Always Delicious. We continue to educate children, athletes, seniors, mothers… on the importance of making raw foods and especially green smoothies, like the Groothie, the cornerstone of their daily life. It is the purest most powerful way to feed the cells in your body. It is exciting to take people who have always avoided greens and make them passionate green smoothie drinkers. That one step can lead to dramatic health transformations both physically and emotionally.

Over the past couple years I discovered that although my Fresh ‘n Focused afterschool program is fantastic and makes a difference in the lives of the children where our programs are offered, I was basically a one woman show and couldn’t physically manage more than 4-5 programs. I took the last two years to work on how I could provide a more sustainable program and reach many more people here in Philadelphia and across the country.

We are currently working on developing educational curriculum that will eventually be government approved and accessible to educators across the country. We are fundraising to launch a Get Real Get Raw Groothie truck, which will serve as our educational platform, and allow us to increase access to our fabulous Groothie. The Groothie is currently licensed to Hip City Veg in Philadelphia and was voted #1 Best Smoothie is Philadelphia last year by Philadelphia Magazine. We hope to launch a “Buy a Groothie, Give a Groothie” campaign to help us provide this nutritious drink to children and WIC recipients in the inner city.

I know that GRGR is important and valuable, and possesses the potential to make a very significant impact on improving the health of everyone in our society – young, old, rich, poor, educated or not. There is the old saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” This is very true but if we can make the Groothie more accessible to the public, if people have the opportunity to drink the Groothie – we know they will do so enthusiastically, and their health transformation begins.